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Our Service/pdf Policy

Please be advised that we do not screen documents provided by property managers for posting in a community website. When we receive an email from a property manager that reads; Please post the attached copy of (anything) that is all we post. We do not read Minutes, Agenda’s, Official Documents or Newsletters in an attempt to decipher whether it is correct or appropriate to post on the website.

Our screening service includes:

  • Resident website registrations. We will forward these registration requests to the property manager if the resident is not on the address list management has provided, and will not grant them access until the manager has approved. If they are on the list; we will approve registration granting them permission to use the member portion of the website.
  • We verify that scanned documents are legible only, but do not read them.
  • Event schedules or content provided by a member of the board who has been authorized to provide such information. Often this information requires being formatted and posted on the site other than pdf, for this reason we proof read. We always include a link to the original pdf file for notices and newsletters.

Our primary focus is on keeping the site up and running, adding and removing content as requested and dealing with any user issues that may arise, such as logging in or registering.

We enjoy working with property managers and board members to improve the quality of life in any community, and always take into account that each community website has different needs. We are very flexible with management and the board to add or remove content and services from their website whenever requested. Our response time for adding or removing content is typically less than 2 hours, often sooner.

We look forward to maintaining a good working relationship with all of you and appreciate your business and referrals.

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