Administrative Services

Administrative Service is an all inclusive website updating and monitoring service.

Choose a plan that fits your needs.

A site that is updated regularly functions best, is more likely to move up in SEO and keeps visitors coming back.. This service is required with all new websites we develop.
No one left behind.


Personal or Small Business
$ 27
99 Month
  • Includes: Update blog once a week, post monthly newsletter, minor updates (frontend) and WordPress updates (backend). Very Low activity sites.


Business or Group-HOA
$ 74
99 Month
  • Includes: Basic plan PLUS posting monthly documents, events, forms and RSVP's. Low to moderate activity sites.


Business or Group-HOA
$ 94
99 Month
  • Includes: Intermediate and Basic plan PLUS weekly updates and one additional webpage every billing period.

Your rate is adjusted after the first year. It will either stay the same or go up or down slightly depending on how much activity your site is getting and the amount of time we’re spending uploading new content at your request. This service works to your advantage and saves you money.

Services Include

Frontend Of Website Services (PRO)

Routine Website Updates

  • Blog/News
  • Monthly Document Postings
  • Annual Document Postings, includes combining files for the year.
  • Posting Newsletters
  • Meeting Announcements
  • Event Announcements 
  • Event Registrations and RSVP’s
  • Public Announcements such as water shut off, street closed, maintenance beginning, security issues, etc..

Backend Of Website Services (All Sites)

Routine Website Updates

  • WordPress Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Security Updates
  • PHP Updates
  • Approving New Member Registrations
  • User Issues, lost passwords, can’t login etc..
  • Hosting Renewal (the process of)
  • Domaine Renewal (the process of)
  • Regular Site Monitoring
  • Dealing with site errors or crashes caused by third party services

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