California Web Technologies

HOA & Group Sites

HOA, Group and Small business websites that are clean, informative and easy to navigate.

Typical Services Include: Domain transfer, hosting setup, data transfer, file organization, WordPress site setup, graphics and image editing (including logo), gather and enter content, set up third party services (plugins, security etc.), launch site, performance test and SEO. Ongoing maintenance services billed separately.

Additional Services Available:  Flyers, Handouts, Newsletters, Online Ticket Registrations, Email Marketing and Online Dues Payment Collection Integration. There are additional fees for these services.

We provide a full service web development and content management service. We work directly with the Board, Property Manager or Assigned Contact on a regular basis to keep all website content up to date. Includes posting Meeting Minutes, Agenda’s, Newsletters, and all other documents in a secured area.

Options Available:

  1. Complete file transfer and organization of files from existing website host.
  2. Post up to 3 years of password protected documents, including Financials, CC&R’s, Statements, Budgets, Meeting Agenda’s, Minutes, Newsletters and more..
  3. Includes the ability for members profiles with unique username and password. All registrants are screened for site access approval.
  4. Includes Contact Forms, optional Board Member Applications, Online HOA Payment and Service Requests.
  5. Includes News/Blog to announce upcoming events and meetings.
  6. Page navigation and site structure may include pages such as; About, Events, Documents, Amenities, Contact, Clubs/Memberships
  7. A direct link to your social media pages such as Facebook, Nextdoor or others.
  8. Local community information and local links to major utility companies PG&E, Water, Garbage, Cable etc.

Our sites are built utilizing Godaddy and WordPress. All community sites also include security to protect users identity and documents.

Things Community and Homeowner Association Websites Must Have

  1. A domain name: An identiy for your website, usually the name of your company or association.
  2. Website hosting: The website resides on a host/server where it is visible to the world wide web.
  3. Daily Backup Service: Prevents expensive data recovery if your website crashes during an update.
  4. File Security: Protects files, documents, and protects your hosting account from Malware & Viruses.
  5. SSL Security Certificate: Protects your visitors, users and members from having their information hacked.
  6. Routine Service: Regular site updates, scans for errors, software updates, registration approval, handling user errors, general maintenance. Includes keeping up subscriptions to hosting, domain name, security etc..