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Building A Successful Website

Yes, Less Is Better. One of the key things I do in building a website when using a clients existing content, is look for ways to bring the key points of the business to the front and allow the viewer to choose what they want to read.

Achieving an easy to read website is easy by providing links or “Call Outs”. The reader finds the pertinent information up front and has the ability to click a button and continue reading the rest of the information.

Is Your Site Easy To Read & Captivating

Here are some things to avoid.

  1. Paragraphs of text over images. 
  2. The need for excessive scrolling. 
  3. Miles of text to convey something that can be said in 2 or 3 sentences. 
  4. Fluorescent text on a dark background. 
  5. Light colored text on a white background. 
  6. Too many crazy fonts and no consistency.

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