California Web Technologies

Why Our Administration Fees Are Priced So Low

After working in the property management business for nearly 10 years, living in various HOA Communities for more than 20 years, and serving on a Board of Directors for several years, I realize that the budget for a website is low, despite how very useful they are.

One of the biggest issues I observe with community websites is that most don’t use the site to its fullest potential, therefore they don’t realize how big of an asset it can be. It’s for that reason, my initial price point is low.

Every site I build, whether personal or community, I always make suggestions and encourage the site owner to take full advantage, but often they can’t seem to break old habits of using emails, outside third-party forms, and snail mail, this is why my administration/maintenance rates can vary in price from one site to another.

My initial rate when a site is first set up is low and adjusts based on how involved the owner, board, or property manager is in providing updated content and engaging with their members, clients, or audience. This is considered a fair business practice that prevents clients from overpaying for their website. Current HOA rates vary from $65 to $125 a month and current personal or small business sites vary from $25 to $65 a month.