Using Your Websites Full Potential-part 2

Are you taking full advantage of the internet?

If you are a public figure of any kind or an event host, you need a website.

"Why you ask"?

  • We can showcase your accomplishments; news stories and TV appearances, YouTube videos, magazines, anywhere you appear. If you head up charity events, tours or any other social gatherings, these all need to be in your website.
  • You should be promoting your events and social appearances, including selling tickets, holding raffles, taking RSVP's, etc. All of this in your website.
  • Cross promoting between your website and social media, facebook, twitter, etc.

These are just a few things WE could be doing with your website. It's simple really; just send me the information in an email and I handle the rest. In many cases I can provide theses services for less than $60 a month.

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