Site Update Info.


Today’s websites are comprised of many third-party elements. These elements may include; templates, plugins, widgets, forms, etc. Without these elements the site could not exist and function properly. Sites also require hosting which is also provided by a third-party service such as GoDaddy. All of these services are provided by different companies from around the world. All of these elements/services are continually updated by their providers. Part of my maintenance service is to monitor these updates and apply them to your site when they occur.

      When your website is built: Elements of your site are chosen by ratings, usability, and its ability to work well with the template of your website.

On very rare occasions a conflict can occur between different elements of the website when an update occurs. If and when this happens, it can cause a disruption in one or more elements of your site. I make every effort to correct these conflicts when they arrive and in a worst-case scenario may replace the conflicting plugin/element with one that is not conflicting. Replacing a element of your website may change the characteristics or feel of the website, in other words if it were a form, maybe its behavior or look will be different than the previous form. Either way, the form will still do what it is there to do, just differently.

Updates and changes that are necessary to your site due to plugin updates, conflicts, security or hosting issues, are not a result of my wrong doing but are part of the characteristics of owning a website.

     Updates Included: If you are being charged a monthly fee to keep your site updated, that update includes content such as uploading new documents, responding to; or forwarding form submissions, posting updates on your blog, schedule, or calendar. The monthly service also includes applying the template and third-party element updates.

    Updates Not Included: Time involved when an issue arrives due to conflicts with updates. If or when there is a conflict or problem with an update, security or hosting issue, you will be charged an additional minor fee to repair or recover the site.

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