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Don't get lost or miss treated by "design professionals" at a big website company. I provide one on one service and I'm always available.

I create on WordPress, the most popular and flexible building platform there is. It's easy to adjust or add to your site as your business grows, a service I provide.

Community Associations/HOA and Small Business

All websites are developed in WordPress. Includes; transferring and or setting up domain and hosting service, choosing a fully responsive website template, entering of your content, structuring the site, building and adding forms, online payment options, links, pdf files, secured areas, images/graphics, setting up email accounts and integrating your site with social media.  All hosting, domain, security  and email services are third party services that we setup at their going rate. I can utilize most any hosting service which supports WordPress sites, however I typically use GoDaddy.

Summary Of Services Provided

  1. We discuss what you want.
  2. I create a Hosting account in your name on GoDaddy.
  3. I choose your template for your website and customize it.
  4. You send me information to put in your website, I may add graphics if needed and proof read and edit text as needed (with your approval).
  5. Once you approve, it goes live.
  6. I perform final editing on the site after your final review.
  7. I monitor your site and provide ongoing services as needed which includes all updates. Updates include what you want changed or added in addition to WordPress Theme and Plugin updates which occur 2 or 3 times a month.

For more details keep reading below.

A Simple Process Step by Step

  1. Option 1: TROUBLE FREE! We completely set up and manage your hosting account with GoDaddy and build your new website.
  2. Option 2: We may use your existing hosting application with your provided account information.
  3. Option 3: If transferring your hosting account to a new service is needed, you may provide your existing account information and we can make the transfer for you.
  4. Option 4: You may transfer your hosting service yourself and provide us with a username to access the account to build your new site.

Your new site will be synced with your domain name.

  1. Option 1: You may go to WordPress and select a template/theme for your new site.
  2. Option 2: We will select a template for your new site and provide you with a link for your approval.
  3. Option 3: We will select the template and customize it with content you provide for your final approval.
  1. Option 1: We use your existing written content from your old website and any updated information and images you would like to include.
  2. Option 2: You provide all new written content and images for your new site.
  3. Option 3: You provide most new written content, we assist with text and we provide images, includes coming to your site and taking photographs. May also include designing a logo.

Additionally; With your approval, we may research and find additional content for your site to make it more inviting and informative.

  1. Security and Daily Backup of all your content is a must on any small business or community website. For more information on this subject visit our Website Security page.
  1. Option 1: No SEO if you're having a site built that does not rely on search engine, such as a community, association or private site.
  2. Option 2: SEO using Google site search optimization tools which guides and offers suggestions for content placement and wording.

Note: A site that strongly utilizes search engine optimization needs to be monitored and tweaked on a regular basis, often these adjustments will take place during regular site updates.

  1. Option 1: You provide your logo and we use it in your site.
  2. Option 2: We design a logo for you which will be used in your site and you will receive a file copy.

We are completely capable of providing online registration forms, ticket sales, paid reservations etc. All of our forms direct clients through secure online payment processing integrated with your PayPal account. If you are not familiar with PayPal, we suggest you visit their site for details on fees and what major credit cards they accept (most).


We are capable of setting up email with your domain. Depending on the hosting company, some email accounts are free, others cost. This information is researched and provided as needed. For your convenience we have added a link to the plans Godaddy offers.

  1. Option 1: Use free email forwarding from your hosting provider.
  2. Option 2: Use a paid email service for creating many accounts.